Thursday, January 13, 2005

So much has happened.

I had recently started a different blog, but for some reason came back to check this one and was hit hard by the last post.

As I said, so much has happened since the last post. The biggest change occured in September when I got the call that my Dad had passed away. It was as big a shock as I have ever experienced and the dullness was suddenly punctured by reading my last post.

In many ways, I still feel some responsibility for his passing. He had spent the prior week in a nursing home and I had planned a business trip out to California that was to include a stop to see him as well.

He was so looking forward to seeing me that I think he kind of "forced" his way back him in anticipation of my coming. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack the night before my coming.

In many ways, my life has been a gigantic blur since then. And it has also given me thought to not only how I am living my life, but if I am happy in my current pursuits. The first question I am somewhat comfortable with at this point in my journey.

The second question is one that I wrestle with daily (sometimes it seems every minute has some thought of it). Then I try to base that with the thought that maybe I am just having a mid-life crisis. So which is it? I would like to know.

Enough for now. Perhaps, I should be revisiting this blog a bit more.


Sunday, July 18, 2004

And things were going so smoothly

When I am in a blogging state of mind, I try to catch up on a few blogs regularly.  For example, It's All About Me or Promo Guy's logs are two that resonate with me on several levels.  Nat's had to deal with her G'pa's passing and Promo Guy's is currently in a battle with cancer hitting his family.  I have had alot of empathy for these folks and the challenges that both have faced.
I preface this because my Dad's situation has hit me hard this week and I am a little bit at a crossroads in what to do.
But as always...I digress...
I have been trying to touch base with my Dad several times this week without success. It certainly isn't the first time that I haven't caught up with him. Unlike him, when someone doesn't return my calls, I don't assume that they are mad or upset with me. These days everyone leads pretty busy lives and with his wife seemingly in and out of the hospital regulary, well...returning phone calls may not be at the top of your list.
My third call of the week was answered by my step-sister's (which is weird picking up a step sister in your 40's) daughter. I figured that my step-mom Sylvia was back from the hospital and it isn't unusual for my Dad and her to watch the kids for a bit.
But my Dad was at the hospital with Sylvia. Then my step-sister Bridgette comes on the phone and tells me they are packing up the house and it is going on the market, my Dad and Sylvia are coming to live with them, and some other things that I didn't hear because of the alarming drumming in my ears.
Which was made worse by the fact that less than an hour later, she calls back (under the pretense of "Did I call back") to indicate that do we have a plan to take care of my Dad (and then the drumming definitely was deafening)...

Although I did touch base with my Dad later, I am not confident that he told me the truth in that he was OK with this new arrangement.

So, I am at a quandry...should I propose that he move here with us?

I really don't know what to do. I just had begun to not worry about this situation and it has hit me squarely in the face.

Like I said, things were just going so smoothly.  Oh well, I will deal with it...just not sure how.


Friday, July 16, 2004

The space between...

Weird last couple of days...
I haven't done anything. Maybe it is the heat. I don't think so. I think I am just lazy this week. I would have thought that the St. Augustine trip (it seems just a distance memory now) would have cured that ill, but I guess not.
I have bunches of things started, but I can't say that I have done one productive thing other than cashing pool checks that I sent out billing for last week. When you really get down to it, I haven't even cashed the checks. If it weren't for Julie depositing them, they would probably stay here at the house for another week.
Of the things that I have started:

  • got some leads on some houses, even got the owners names and phone numbers...but haven't called even one of them
  • got pricing for health clubs in the area...several gave me free 7 day passes...not got in one day
  • got the front yard mowed this morning, but the rest will wait until tomorrow
  • not very inspiring is it???

I guess I am missing my friends at work. I do have a worker that I used to run things by, but he is newly in love and doesn't have the time he used to.
I have some reading to do, which is usually easy, but not this week.
Oh well, next week will be better...I promise  I think :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Who do I have to thank for this???

I got a call from a former customer who has become a friend on Friday and it really made my weekend. The company that she is working at really doesn't show alot of appreciation for the efforts and energy that she puts out for them everyday. (No, her challenge didn't make my weekend!)

I am sure that if you are reading this, you are saying, "Mine doesn't either!" And for 90% of you, you would be right. On the other hand, how many employees will dig into their pocket $20,000 to help the company make payroll? She did and didn't even get a real thank you.

She talked with about potentially changing positions and getting hired at a different company or perhaps for Da Company themselves. She knew I had left, but wanted to know what if I might be able to help her. So, I got on the phone, made some calls and I think she will be good to go on Monday. I know at least she will have the opportunity for a good position.

The cool part is that she asked about my real estate business and is willing to either partner up or lend what most would consider a good sized investment amount. It made my day because she is truly a good person and had enough confidence in me to ask me if I would be interested. We are still working through the details, but it will definitely be a win/win deal.

I also got a few calls from some former co-workers who said they actually missed me at Da Company's annual get together. I missed them too.

Enough for now.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Then, it just hit me....

I was mowing the lawn (part of my zen lawn-mowing and just had an epiphany...

You know couldn't ask for life to get much better than it is. After all, at this point in time, I am doing things that I want to do and not having to account/bill for every possible minute, I have multiple streams of income coming in, I have everything I need (want is another issue, but much deeper to be gone over another time) and someone that cares about me more than life itself. I even have a few friends (well, maybe more than a few).

I am happy.

And content (to a point...I am still thinking coffee house)

And then I just smiled...feeling like the richest person in the whole world. And it felt good.

And that feeling has stayed with me for more than a couple of days.

And for that I am thankful.

Enough for now.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

All's wll that ends well...I guess

Driving back from St. Augustine yesterday, we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat. Usually, when I make this run, I am a drive through type of guy, especially on the way home. I try to beat the traffic by leaving early (we didn't leave early, but traffic was remarkably light for a holiday).

Since we have a friend riding with us (actually we drove her car which was fine by me), we decided to actually go to a sit down restaruant for a meal. Not really a problem.

For some reason, I happen to notice that my cell phone has a voice mail on it. No big deal I think. Maybe my Dad called. I had spoke to him on the drive down and maybe he had something to chat about.

Turns out it was our animal sitter. We usually pay someone to come in on a daily basis whenever we are gone for more than a day to not only look after our two cats Freeway and AJ, but also to make sure their litter box is clean, and that they spend some time playing with them as well.

The woman we have do that has a small daughter and they seem to really enjoy the interaction with "the kids" and also look forward to the treasure that we usually bring back in addition to payment to them as a way of saying thanks.

As usual, I digress.

The voice mail was indeed from the sitter. She just left a very short message saying to call her. Already, I have an uneasy feeling. And the weekend had been so nice up to that point. As I get her on the phone, she informs me that she hasn't seen AJ all weekend. Not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. She fears he may have gotten out of the house.

In her voice and mannerisms, I know she is a little bit freaked and very defensive. She asks if we are sure the cats were in the house when we left. A few trips back, while improbable, it may have happened. But for a variety of reasons, we now do a "head count" even when we close closet doors. Julie and I both remember telling them (as well as any human can talk to a cat) to be good and that we would be back on Monday. We left the house through the door to the garage and they were both in the kitchen.

Now, I am feeling betwixt and between. I know Julie is going to freak out if I tell her. Inwardly, I think that AJ is indeed in the house. He is a good hider when he wants to be and I have had trouble finding him myself at times. On the other hand, if I don't tell her and something is truly wrong, she will have every right to be fuming. I opt to tell her. She questions my questioning of the sitter, which I get a little frustrated with. After all, we are 4 hours of driving away and questioning the sitter is not going to help the situation in my mind at this time.

My thought process on that was if she waited 3 days to let me know there was a problem involving the cats, what could/would she do at this point. No, I said to myself...just have faith that all is well and drive like hell to get there quickly.

And we did. We pulled into the garage, agreed to immediately look for AJ before onloading and found him within one minute. Then Julie burst into tears. She still takes the former cat's Artemus ("the best kitty in the whole world") passing hard. The tears are as much a stress relief as they are reliving that time of losing him the way we did.

So, with everyone safe at home and accounted for, we unpacked and pondered about moving to St. Augustine again.


Monday, July 05, 2004

Good things come to those who wait...

Just finishing up my St. Augustine, Florida holiday weekend. Overall, I have spend a very relaxing and enjoyable time.

I have had some time at the beach (although for some reason, I haven't done any sunrise beach combing this trip), took over the barbeque chores for 8 hungry folks, got some pool time in and may go home by adding a house to the portfolio.

Funny, when I headed down here, I thought that we might end up purchasing a house down here. Prices have gone up dramatically here, but I can still see the investment opportunity.

But the house we may end up with is a friend of the person we are staying with. They are about to go bankrupt and have a great house they are giving up on that is located close to me. So, I will take a quick drive up to see it once I am home, but if all holds well, this could be a very profitable deal indeed.

I have definitely taken it easy each morning as I am always the first up. I have headed over to Starbucks, bought a paper and just truly enjoyed the morning drinking, reading and watching folks.

St. Augustine is truly a beach town and it is very interesting to me at least to see the different folks there. You have your long time locals who dress very casually and have the sun tan to go with it, the "northerners" who actually get dressed up (at least for the area) and have make up on to head down to the store, the athletic types who have literally ran or biked down to get a cup of coffee and the families who come in a variety of states of disarray.

The weather has been a mixture of rain interspersed with solid sunshine. I thought the fireworks was going to get rained out, but that was not to be. It literally rained up to about 20-30 minutes before the display went off. You couldn't have asked for better timing.

The plan was to get up and go out to breakfast at 8 and then head back to Georgia around 10. We always go to this restaurant that is literally on the beach when we are here. They serve good food, but the real attraction is that you can feel the sea breeze come across you as you eat. On the other hand, it is 7:45 and I am the only one up. So getting a head start back to Georgia (it is about an 8 hour journey) is not likely to happen.

On the third hand (lol), it is the time frame that I set for everyone and they are not required to follow it. All goods things come to those who wait.

While I am waiting...

And remember...comments are a GOOD thing :)